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For 20 years
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RKS Trenčín is a company focused on manufacture, treatment and surface finishing of metal constructions. We are part of the market since 1995 and during our existence we had oriented and are still orienting primarily on quality customer experience. Thanks to our managing system and new technology investments we are able to conform to constantly changing market requirements which reflects in the increase of our manufacture efficiency. Currently, 90% of products are exported.

RKS Trenčín owns administrative, manufacture and warehousing spaces, we are also owners of a varnishing and blasting chamber. We are currently employing 144 employees.


Thanks to our equipment we are able to offer our customers complex services ranging from manufacture and treatment to surface finishing and assembly of machines ranging from small parts to 15 tons heavy products.

RKS Trenčín has implemented a quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2015 in relation with EN 3834-2:2005 and is an owner of Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control and Welding Certificate.

The quality of services is also evidenced by the Supplier Award 2021 from OPTIMA materials management GmbH, which the company received for timely and high-quality deliveries.


Machine pedestals for pharmaceutic industry, rubber industry, machine tools, injecting press, plastic film machines, shelf systems, stowers, biogas production devices, and more…

Our team

Responsible for the final product are the technical team, quality assurance team and the sales department and our ordering center which are interlinked with our economics department (software-wise as well) to always fulfill the highest quality product.

Before the manufacture process itself is performed, necessary documentation needs to be created, such as blueprints or material ordering. Additionally during the export of finished product, the necessary products need to be managed both logisitcally and accountably. Each of these tasks are performed with our team of THP workers, because as we already know, for a quality result, teamwork is necessary.

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Our goals

  • Stable and valuable company establishment
  • Competitiveness increase
  • Introducing new technologies
  • Healthy judgement and respect in customer communication