Welding is performed in CO2 gas conditioning by the MAG and TIG/MIG methods.

We are equipped with 30 LORCH and ESAB welding aggregates and 24 welding posts in 2-shift operations with the option to weld parts up to 10m with weight of up to 15 tons.

We are also equipped with a straightening press for products of length of up to 6 m.


Mechanical treatment is performed in two assembly halls that are running uninterrupted.

We are equipped with 12 horizontal treatment posts with machines from JUARISTI, Zayer, TOS Kuřim and WMC1320 brands.


Sand-blasting also known as blasting surface finish is performed in the SIRSI blasting chamber of 15 x 5 x 5m dimensions.

Surface finish of materials (steel) is performed thanks to high-pressure device and effectivens of sand-grains which serve as abrasive material.

We’re blasting with steel grit, granulity SA 2,5, and materials that are at least 3 mm thick.


Varinsihing is performed in our varnishing hall with a varnishing chamber POLYN with a maximum length capacity of 7 meters.

Pieces of length 10 m are varnished in an allocated area outside of the varnishing chamber. Part of the varnishing chamber is also a crane with bearing force of up to 8 tons.

The coat materials used are based on our customer’s choice. The manufacture is constant on 4 shift basis.


Is performed based on technical documentation and customer requests with the option of subcategory assembly or final product assembly.

The company has experience in machine-set assembly as well as with our customers abroad.